How do you make new friends?

On October 27, 2010, in People, by Michal

Growing up, our family did a lot of camping.

I remember vividly that every time we were setting up on a new camp site, my parents would point out the other kids playing near us and say: ‘There is a kid your age, you should go make new friends!’.

Quite frankly, I didn’t always really feel like it. Sometimes I would have a book I would rather read or a drawing I was working on. But most of the time I didn’t want to because I was afraid of rejection.

I think the number one problem with trying to make new friends is the thought:

“What if that other person is not going to like me?”

What if you get the courage to talk to a stranger, and they give you the “Who in the world ARE YOU?” face?

However, I discovered that those people also sitting by themselves or hanging out on their own are hesitating about the exact same thing you are: shall I, or shall I not walk up and say ‘hi’?

So many times I started making friends with strangers after having doubted about it forever, wishing later I had done it earlier. Had I not wasted all that time thinking about it and hesitating, I could have spent so much more time getting to know someone really interesting.

Who are some people that are waiting for you to come up and say ‘hi’? Who knows, you might be missing out on the best friendship ever!


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