Help! I’m forgetting something!

On November 6, 2010, in How to's, by Michal

Do you ever have that nagging feeling that you are forgetting something, something probably really important?

Trust me… I  used to be a complete chaos-person. I always forgot stuff, I was always running late and I was always behind (homework!!) on everything! I was, and often still am, a very-very-last-minute-person. Procrastination is my evil friend.

It drove everyone, including myself, crazy; something had to change!

I had to learn to manage my time better. The first thing I had to learn was making and keeping myself to TO DO lists

Picture used with permission from Shannon Leith:

Away with the clutter in your head and on paper it goes!
There is no better feeling than seeing your entire life on one piece of paper. Plus- there is no greater thing than being able to scratch things off that list!!!

Making a To Do list may seem simple, but one that actually works isn’t. Here the Top-10 things I’ve learned:

1. Write it on something you will always have with you (eg. ‘notes’ on your phone or a planner)

2. Eeach morning, brainstorm everything you need to get done. (You can always add stuff later, but the earlier in the morning you think things through, the better organized your day will be).

3. Next, think of some things that you can take off. Learning to say ‘no’ is the best time management skill you’ll ever learn!

4. Then, categorize the list. For example: ‘Things to do for School’, ‘Things to do for friends’, ‘Things to do at home’. Lumping them together and doing them together will make for more effective use of time.

5. Then you prioritize the list. Put the things that are most important on top or highlight them.

6. Be as specific as possible. If you write ‘Do Homework’ on your TO DO list, you’ll NEVER be able to cross it off and you’ll get discouraged. Break it up into more and smaller To Do’s. (Being able to cross things off faster means more fun!)

7. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are human; there is no way you can get the entire list done in one day. Don’t kill yourself trying to keep to a crazy schedule.

8. Start with the easy things on your list. Why? Because you will start getting into a work-mode- an energy very useful to do things you don’t love doing. If you start with the hard things first, you’ll keep wanting to put them off and you’ll waste time that way.

9. Reward yourself! I get myself some cookies or candies once I’ve completed 5 things off my TO DO list that really needed to get done.

10. Realize that learning time management is a process. You’ll get better at it over time!! Just don’t give up! Good time management can be learned by even the most chaotic of people, including myself.

Happy TO DOing!!!

(Do you have more great tips? Please share them with me in the comment section below – I want to learn from you!)


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