Don’t you just hate waiting?

On November 30, 2010, in Growth, by Michal

I absolutely LOVE marshmallows… in fact, I’m eating a whole bunch while I’m writing this!

Did you know that ‘waiting’ has everything to do with YUMMIE marshmallow? Check out this super interesting video:

Can you believe that only 30% of these kids were able to wait? And how crazy that this has everything to do with how successful they would be later in life? Only because of that one little awful word: SELF-DISCIPLINE!

Why do we dislike self-discipline so much? Because it has to do with pain, waiting, and hard work.

Simply put, discipline is ‘delayed gratification’. It means that you are willing to say no to slacking in something ‘NOW’, so you can say yes to something better ‘LATER’:

* doing homework now in order to get a degree later
* working out now in order to get into shape later
* resisting temptations of lowering your standards to get into a relationship now in order to wait for the right guy later
* cooking instead of getting fast food now so you will remain healthy later
* saving up for something now instead of paying by credit card and avoiding having to deal with debt later
* etc

What is going on in your life where you need to resist the temptation of eating a marshmallow right now, so you can have two later?


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