Dealing with perfectionism

On April 7, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Michal

"The frustrated writer" (this is me a few years ago... yup... I color-coded my books!)

Wow– I have not written a post in a really long time! Not only have I been crazy-busy, I’ve also pushed blog-writing aside for a little bit.

Wanna know why? I’ll be honest: one of the reasons is because I have a tendency to be a bit perfectionistic. This means that I think and overthink before I write something and then when I do I’m editing and editing and editing until I think the post is ‘perfect’. The fear of a post not being perfect caused for less and less posts…

So, from now on… my dear readers… I will decide to stop this madness and post more even when I feel my post might not be ‘perfect’. I promise!

The funny thing is that the posts that get read the most are those that I wrote while I was going the very thing I was writing about. Like the one on worries, or self-confidence issues, or working on getting out of my comfort zone. So, I’m going to write more about what is going on in my life and hopefully some of the things I’m learning can be of help or encouragement to you!



P.S. Are you putting anything off because you think it’s not going to be ‘good enough’? Take it from me: if you wait for perfection, you’ll never get anything done!


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