Becoming all that you were made to be

On April 24, 2011, in Growth, by Michal

Recently, I’ve been having to make some decisions that were extremely hard to make. So hard, I actually had to tear up about it. You know why? Because they forced me to sacrifice something really good and wonderful, in order that I could choose for something that was even better.

Saying ‘no’ to something that is ‘good’ may seem strange. Who does that?

Here’s why:

God does not want what’s good, he wants the very BEST for you!
You are not put on this earth to live an ordinary life, but an extraordinary one. 

Many people settle of the ‘good life’; for jobs, relationships, things they do in life that they think are ‘good enough’. They choose routine and the comfortable over taking risks and getting out of their comfort zones.

But if you are really serious about your mission in life and you really want to make the kind of difference that you feel God has put on your heart to make, you have no other choice than to challenge and stretch yourself beyond the ordinary. You cannot settle for ‘good enough’. It’s as the saying goes:

The Good is the Enemy of The Best

What is something in your life where you have settled for ‘good enough’. What choices do you need to make in order to choose what you know is better? What are some steps you can take today where you get out of the ordinary and take some risks?


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