You were made to make a difference!

On July 24, 2011, in Mission, by Michal

When I was a little girl, my room had a bed that was underneath a slanted roof with a window. Before going to sleep, I would sometimes push the curtains away and look at the stars above me. While looking at them, I would feel a longing grow inside of me; a deep hope that my life would be one of meaning and significance.

Often, my mind would wonder off to the future.

For some reason I often thought of the same scenario: I would think of myself as an older woman that would sit in a nice armchair in a living room full of furniture made of light wood and white cushions. There were bright green plants everywhere and the sun would pour into the room through very large windows that looked out on some of the most beautiful scenery full of life and color.

I would imagine taking in the beauty of the view and the home while thinking of a question I had just been asked. I would then look to my left at the young woman that had asked the question.

“So, when looking back on your life, what stands out?” she asked again.

I would always make up different stories of what I would share about the things I had done in life. I would think of working with orphans, of helping sick and dying people. I would tell stories of the hopes and dreams I had for my life as a young girl and how they came true; to help many people and to make a real difference. I would tell about the hardships, about the difficulties along the way, but also about the successes, the great travels, the people that were impacted and the lives that were changed.

No matter how my imaginary interview would go, it would always end with these words:

“My life was not always easy and did not always make sense at the time, but I now see that it all happened for a reason and I am tremendously grateful that I have been able to make a difference with my life.”

I would then be back in my bedroom as a kid that still had a long life ahead of her. I would take another long look at the stars, close the curtains and lay my head back on my pillow. And I would whisper:

‘God, if this is your dream for my life, I want it! Please make my life count!!’

Call me silly or idealistic, call me inspiring or hopeful; call me whatever– if we are honest with ourselves, we all have a longing to do something with our lives. We all want our lives to count and to matter. We long to make a difference, bring positive change and leave a ‘legacy’ and we would love to inspire others with our example to do the same.

Why is that? Where is that longing coming from?

Because your life is not an accident! You were made for a purpose. A very unique purpose; one that only you can fulfill! That longing that you have inside (or used to have as a kid) is real and you need to take it seriously and do something about it!

The sad thing is that if that longing is not cultivated, encouraged and helped, it withers. Even worse, it would wither so much that it dies.

Many people start their lives with big hopes and great dreams, but then they bump into all kinds of difficulties and they simply give up. Some give up soon, others hang in there longer, but the truth is that very few make it to the finish line.

This book (*and this blog) is to help you to get the tools and learn the principles needed to turn your dream to make an impact with your life into reality and to make it to the end.

I do not have all the answers and I do not have it all together, but I’ve learned some things along the way so far as I tried to pursue the dreams God has put on my heart. I hope that sharing them with you will help you on your journey!

* This is the rough draft of the Introduction to the book “Missionista” that I’m writing. If you like to stay updated on it, subscribe to the newsletter on the right.


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