Missionista: it’s not about you!

On May 24, 2012, in About, by Michal

I was discouraged.

In the first week of starting an FB page for Missionista, I had more and more ‘likes’ each day…it was exciting and mind-blowing! But then after the second week was over it went much slower… now it has been stagnant at 92 ‘likes’ for a while.

Then I realized: I’m being absolutely RIDICULOUS!

92 people that like the idea of ‘Missionista’ and who desire to make a difference with their lives and that long for encouragement to keep going.. that’s amazing! I should rejoice instead of whine!

Why do we always think that unless we have a whole lot of people ‘liking’ us we can’t do what we are supposed to do? Even on a small level like Facebook: admit it- we want as many ‘likes’ as possible, right? Or am I the only one?

When it comes to making a difference, we often tend to think that unless someone has a platform and large crowds that will be moved into action, no real difference can be made?

It’s stupid. It really is.

God blesses those who do not care who gets the credit.

Real heroes are the unseen ones.

It’s not about us… it’s not about me. It’s not even about Missionista or anything like that.

The ‘idea’ of Missionista is someone that selflessly helps other people, whose only concern is that others would be better because we have been a part of their lives. It’s that easy. That simple.

I, the person writing this, need to learn to be a Missionista just as much as anyone else. Sometimes I read old posts and I think: “Wow! I still need so much growth in that area!!” Somehow my own posts keep challenging and holding up a mirror to myself. And I’m happy it does!

Conclusion of this rant: I have a lot to learn!  

Enough about me! Back to work ;)


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