Hi there!

My name is Michal (pronounced MIE-KHAL in English) and I started this website for girls that believe that there must be more to life than the standard routine of growing up, getting an education, finding a job, marrying, having kids and becoming a grandmother.

I believe with my whole heart that we are all on earth to make a difference!

You were made in a very unique and specific way, for a very unique and specific mission that’s not only super cool, but also very fulfilling!

What that is and how you do that– that’s what this site is for!! (For the latest updates and posts: subscribe to the newsletter)

Little bit about myself: I grew up in The Netherlands, but for the past 5 years I’ve lived in the US. I’ve gone to a couple of universities, had a ton of different jobs (for example at a Television Station and as an English Tutor), and a lot of traveling experience. I love: design, fashion, travel, art, learning about different cultures, but most of all I love encouraging young women to live a life of significance– I like to call them MISSIONISTAS.

P.S. You can write me at: missionistas @ gmail . com

Missionista: it’s not about you!

Missionista is on Facebook!

Personal story: How I chose for God in my life

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