How far you will get in your mission depends on who you are as a person.
Grow into the amazing woman you are supposed to be!

How do you do that? How do you grow in patience, perseverance and focus? How do you deal with discouragement, loneliness and opposition?

How do you become stronger in your faith?

How do you grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically into the beautiful and strong woman God intends for you to be?

If you are serious about making a difference with your life, these are some very important questions to ask!

My hope is that these posts will help you with all that:

Test: Are you a ‘loving’ person?

Don’t give up on yourself or your mission

How do you fight discouragement?

How do you deal with Loneliness?

Becoming all that you were made to be

Worries, worries, worries…

Don’t you just hate waiting?

How do you build self-confidence?

Is your life ‘fruitful’?

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