How to’s

Shannon Leith Photography:

A Missionista needs a lot of skills in order to fulfill her mission.
Some are taught in schools, others can only be learned through experience.

RANDOM ideas I thought would be fun to make “How-To Videos” of:

* Sewing Basics (How to fix, hem, or take in your clothes. How to make your own clothes!)
* Cooking Basics (How to make a create an easy, but awesome meal for friends)
* Baking Basics (How to make a super yummie Dutch Apple Pie)

* How to put an outfit together
* How to bargain shop
* How to do Hair & Make-up

* How to write a good paper or essay for school
* How to organize your schedule and manage homework
* How to start your own business

Do you have any other ideas? Let me know what you think I should try to make a video of!

Worries, worries, worries…

Help! I’m forgetting something!

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